Mission Spotlight

Aviva Metals

Metals facility in Lorain, Ohio

Use of Funds

Fixed Asset Financing

  • Land & Building Acquisition
  • Purchase of Machinery & Equipment
  • Building Improvements/Renovations
  • New Construction

Available Financing

  • From 30-50% of Total Project Cost May be Financed by Ohio 166
  • Minimum Equity Requirement of 10% of Total Project Cost
  • 166 Loan Sizes from $25,000 to $500,000
  • Interest rates are fixed at 2/3’s of the Current Prime Rate
  • Interest rates can be as low as 3.50% in economically distressed communities including Cleveland, East Cleveland and Lorain
  • 166 Loan Terms match the Bank Loan Term up to 20 years for Real Estate and up to 10 years for Machinery & Equipment
  • Loans can be secured with a second mortgage or second lien position
  • If secured with a subordinate lien, maximum 166 loan amount is 30% of the total project
  • Participating Bank Term, Rate, and Fees are Negotiated between the Customer and the Bank Loan Officer

Eligible Businesses

For Profit Businesses

  • Manufacturing, Distribution, Wholesale and Commerce. In certain instances Service companies may qualify; Point of Sale businesses are not eligible.
  • Job Creation Requirement of 1 New Job for each $50,000 of 166 funding up to $500,000.

Associated Costs and Terms

  • Processing Fee of 1.5% of the 166 Loan Amount is due at Closing
  • Application Fee of $350.00 is due to Growth Capital upon Processing
  • Ongoing Servicing Fee of ¼% of the 166 Loan is added to the Interest Rate
  • Ohio 166 Loan Closing and Legal Costs are the Responsibility of the Customer
  • The Participating Bank must advance an interim loan for up to 90% to fund the 166 portion; Ohio 166 is “take-out” permanent, shared collateral financing

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The primary advantages of the Ohio Regional 166 Loan Program are lower down payment, lower fixed interest rates and longer loan terms.

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