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John Kropf
Executive Director and President
Juan Hernandez
Business Development Director
Jeff Sozio
SBA Loan Officer
Betty Rich
Loan Processing Officer for the Community Advantage Program
Robert Schordock
Loan Servicing Officer
Jackie Gilmore
Administrative & Loan Servicing Assistant
  • 5
    In order for my business to survive (the pandemic), I needed to create and execute an ongoing digital marketing strategy to generate new business clients. Growth Capital helped me secure a loan for more than $16,000… and I’ve since been able to hire a digital marketing agency. Growth Capital was extremely customer-focused, friendly and accurate; I highly recommend!
    Jim K.
    Kuhn Global Talent
  • Thank you, John, for the kind note.  You guys saved my butt after battling through the recession.
    Chris C
  • 5
    As a relationship manager with PNC since 2002, I have had a relationship with Growth Capital for many years and have done many transactions with them. Their knowledge and accessibility are unmatched, and their communication with bankers is excellent. Every business should consider the advantages of 504 financing for their owner-occupied property, even if they qualify for conventional financing. Promoting the Community Advantage loan has been a big help to clients who are having trouble getting traditional bank financing. My clients have been happy with me providing options. They have excellent customer service and get back to you right away to help you through the process. I absolutely would recommend Growth Capital.
    Robert G.
    PNC Bank
  • 5
    I really appreciate your help and the way you guys jumped on this to get it done! If any more 504 opportunities come my way, Mr. Sozio will definitely be my first call.
    Timothy N.
    Civista Bank
  • 5
    My wife and I both enjoyed working with the growth capital team, they explained everything fully and made the transaction as easy as possible for us and our small business.
    Dave N.
    Quality Control Services LLC
  • 5
    Always first in line to help and volunteer and always wants to do the right thing for the customer
    Jim D.
  • 5
    I feel I have a personal relationship with Growth Capital.
    Diane S.
    Stimburys Accounting
  • 5
    The people being friendly is what separates Growth Capital from the others. John goes the extra mile to help people.